Take a walk on the wild side

Take a walk on the wild side

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If there's one thing I've learned about entrepreneurship over the past few years, it's this: there's no such thing as drawing up a business plan once, then rolling it out and letting it rip.

No, entrepreneurship is constantly questioning, evaluating and reinventing your business in function of changing market conditions, both globally and more closely, and it is no secret that these conditions have been quite challenging to keep your head above water lately. So that's not easy.

But what's even less easy, and what they don't always tell you when you're crazy enough to become self-employed (I can say that, I'm one of them), is that being an entrepreneur doesn't just mean questioning your business. It is also and perhaps most importantly questioning yourself. Am I still getting enough energy from this, am I still feeling the passion? Does the business as it is now still suit me? And if not, which way do I want to go? Am I making the right decisions? For my business and for me?

In that respect, 2023 was a pivotal year. For a whole year, we spent behind the scenes hammering out a new path. I already shared a bit about that new path in late September on our social media, and on the Sewing after hours podcast.

In a nutshell, with Zipper zoo we want to focus on curating and developing our own product line in bag hardware, and market it together with a whole network of fabric stores. That way you can pick a nice bag pattern at your favorite fabric store, and combine that blissfully beautiful fabric with the right color zipper, bag strap and hardware on the spot.

Quite rightly, some people asked the question (with an anxious look in their eyes), "but then what about Zipper zoo the web shop?" "Can I no longer buy 'everything' for my bag directly from you?"

I struggled with it, because it was not an easy knot to untangle. It's a bit 'kill your darlings' and saying goodbye just isn't easy. But look, through progressive insight (and a large dose of courage) I finally dare to say out loud: no, you will no longer find everything with us. Zipper zoo takes a walk on the WILD side....

The good news is: Yes, the retail shop will stay! You will be able to find the entire Zipper zoo product range there. All colors in all sizes, so if you don't find something at one of our partners, you can still contact us directly.

But. as of 2024, we will only focus on our own products. Everything we have been reselling ourselves will leave the assortment. And after 8 years of 'collecting', that's a lot. In December we announced a major clearance sale, and many people already took advantage of it. This clearance sale is now almost entirely online. With discounts of up to 70% on many products, it's really worth having a look through the site.

The rule: gone = gone. None of it will be repurchased, so don't hesitate too long and make your move. There's one advantage in our business: bag material doesn't go bad.

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