Sewing patterns

So.... You want to sew a bag? Then here are some patterns you can start with. All patterns are tested and approved by! 

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Noodlehead Oxbow Tote | Pattern
Oxbow Tote | Pattern
Popular zippered shoulder bag in 2 sizes: one for everyday use, and a weekend ve...
€13,45 €11,12
Noodlehead Redwood tote | Pattern
Redwood tote | Pattern
Convenient crossbody bag. Large enough to carry a few extras, but small enough n...
€11,50 €9,50
Noodlehead Hillside tote | Pattern
Hillside tote | Pattern
A surprisingly spacious crossbody handbag, perfect for every day!
€11,95 €9,88
Noodlehead Divided basket | Pattern
Divided basket | Pattern
A classic among Noodlehead patterns.
€11,50 €9,50
Noodlehead Range backpack | Pattern
Range backpack | Pattern
A no-nonsense backpack with foldover closure, great for going on the road and st...
€11,50 €9,50
Noodlehead Compass bag | Pattern
Compass bag | Pattern
Shoulder bag with two eye-catching exterior pockets.
€11,95 €9,88
Noodlehead Caravan tote + pouch | Pattern
Caravan tote + pouch | Pattern
Spacious shoulder bag with several compartments.
€11,50 €9,50
Noodlehead Explorer tote | Pattern
Explorer tote | Pattern
Ready to go out and explore the world? You can with this very spacious shoulder ...
€11,95 €9,88
Noodlehead Poolside tote | Pattern
Poolside tote | Pattern
The Poolside tote is the ideal (roomy!) beach bag.
€11,50 €9,50
Noodlehead Traverse bag | Pattern
Traverse bag | Pattern
The Traverse bag is a true handbag, suitable for any occasion and equipped with ...
€12,25 €10,12
Noodlehead Campfire messenger bag | Pattern
Campfire messenger bag | Pattern
Messenger bag with many convenient compartments.
€11,50 €9,50
Noodlehead Road trip case | Pattern
Road trip case | Pattern
Travel plans? Then the Road trip case is just what you need to keep your small s...
€10,00 €8,26
Noodlehead Everyday essentials 3-in-1 | Pattern
Everyday essentials 3-in-1 | Pattern
The booklet contains 3 cool basic patterns that come in handy every day.
€18,00 €14,88
Noodlehead Fika tote | Pattern
Fika tote | Pattern
Spacious shoulder bag with side pockets, a pocket with hidden zipper at the back...
€11,00 €9,09
Noodlehead Making backpack | Pattern
Making backpack | Pattern
A scandinavian-style backpack, tough and handy, ready for any adventure.
€12,25 €10,12
Noodlehead Maker's tote | Pattern
Maker's tote | Pattern
The Maker's tote is a modern nod to a classic doctor's bag.
€11,50 €9,50
Noodlehead Crescent tote | Pattern
Crescent tote | Pattern
A small tote bag, perfect for a short shopping trip or as a project bag.
€11,50 €9,50
Noodlehead Super tote | Pattern
Super tote | Pattern
Cool spacious shoulder bag with recessed zipper.
€13,45 €11,12
Noodlehead Buckthorn Backpack & Tote | Pattern
Buckthorn Backpack & Tote | Pattern
Shoulder bag or backpack, with zipper at the top, and the handles as a real eye-...
€11,95 €9,88
Noodlehead Haralson Belt Bag | Pattern
Haralson Belt Bag | Pattern
A belt bag perfect for everyday use. A perfect companion for travel.
€13,45 €11,12
Noodlehead Sandhill Sling | Pattern
Sandhill Sling | Pattern
Keep your hands free and everything at your fingertips with this sling bag.
€11,50 €9,50
Noodlehead Pepin Tote | Pattern
Pepin Tote | Pattern
A shoulder bag, simple and straightforward. Great project for beginners.
€11,50 €9,50
Noodlehead Firefly Tote Pattern | Pattern
Firefly Tote Pattern | Pattern
Ideal beginner bag! Easy to make, comes in 2 sizes and you can play with your fa...
€11,95 €9,88
Noodlehead Yarrow wristlet & pouch
Yarrow wristlet & pouch
You can make this small zipper pouch in 2 sizes: as a small wallet, or as a more...
€13,20 €10,91
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Sewing patterns

So.... You want to sew a bag? Then here are some patterns you can start with. All patterns you find here are extensively tested and approved by k-bas! 

Unless stated otherwise, the patterns in our webshop are paper patterns. If it is a PDF pattern, the download instructions will be sent to your mailbox immediately after payment. So be sure to check your e-mail address carefully when you check out.

Please note: due to the nature of the product, purchased sewing patterns cannot be exchanged nor refunded

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