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Hi, I'm Mieke! Driving force behind Zipper zoo*.

Zipper zoo, formerly known as K-Bas, began as a webshop in 2016, that grew out of a love of homemade beauty and a frustration with the fragmented online offerings in bag haberdashery.

We gradually took matters more and more into our own hands and today work hard to create a beautifully cohesive, quality Zipper zoo collection. Everything for the maker about to take his or her first steps into the wonderful world of bag making! A little courage to step outside your comfort zone is all you need. We will guide you through your wild adventures!

Our mission is to make that adventure as enjoyable as possible for you. You choose the model, the colors and fantasize about the details. We provide quality, durable and most importantly, matching materials. Deal?!

Feel free to look around, and get inspired!

Note: Our Zipper zoo is steadily expanding, with new dealers, in and around Europe. So be sure to look for local shopping too!


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