Another easy way to finish your bag strap

Another easy way to finish your bag strap

By: Mieke Jansen Comments: 1

Materials needed: 

  • (Wide) webbing (1.5 inch / 38mm in illustration)
  • 2 narrow swivel hooks (3/4 inch / 20mm in illustration)
  • 2 pieces of (faux) leather (our LUX faux leather is ideal since it has a colored backing) (3/4"/20mm x 6.4 inch/16cm)
  • Helpful supplies: wonderclips & double-sided tape

To finish rest of bag strap (see steps in previous post): 

elegant finished webbing 1

elegant finished webbing 2

elegant finished webbing 3

Repeat for the other side, and finish your strap with slider and rectangular ring. Now go out and enjoy those 'ooh's and aah's ;).

For this bag I sandwiched the webbing using faux leather and thread but of course you can substitute this for cork or genuine leather and double cap rivets! 

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