A simple way to make a stunning crossbody bag strap

A simple way to make a stunning crossbody bag strap

By: Mieke Jansen Comments: 0

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have noticed all those cool fashionable bag straps in the street nowadays. You might have thought to make one yourself too, but never took the time to figure out just how. Recognize this? Well, we've got you covered here! 

There are numerous templates out there for leather "strap adjusters" - those intermediate pieces that taper your wide bag strap so you can use it with a narrower (and more elegant) swivel hook - but most of us don't have leather laying around or don't own a sewing machine that can handle multiple layers of real leather (though rivets may help you out here!). This tutorial is made for faux leather, but cork, or even a (reinforced piece of) woven fabric can do the trick too!

For our template we used bag webbing of 40mm (1.5") wide, and swivel hooks of 25mm (1") wide. Once you've made these, you'll figure out quickly how to adapt the template to your own custom sizes!

<<Download the template here>>

I had fun The pictures speak for themselves. Have fun!

Example crossbody strap with strap adjusters


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