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Set of 50 double cap rivets, Light gold

Set of 50 double cap rivets, Light gold
Set of 50 double cap rivets, Light gold
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Set of 50 double cap rivets. In different diameters and lengths. Mounting material not included. Read more..

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Set of 50 double-cap rivets. Fixing tools not included.

Rivets are used to attach (or 'staple') different layers of fabric or leather to each other without the use of needle and thread. This is often in places where the sewing machine cannot get through, or in places that are difficult to reach, but rivets can also be used as reinforcement for a point that is subject to a lot of tension or simply as an decorative element.

In contrast to standard rivets (with 'single cap'), double cap rivets are nicely finished at the cap as well as at the post.

Double cap is recommended:

  • In places where both top and bottom of the rivets are visible.
  • If the bottom layer is a layer of fabric (and not (artificial) leather), also consider a double cap. The underside of the post is not so sharp there, which reduces the chance of tearing through.

Tips for choosing the size:

  • The size is indicated by 2 digits, e.g. 9 x 7. The first digit refers to the diameter of the cap, the second digit to the length of the post. In this example it is a rivet with a cap of 9mm diameter and a post length of 7mm.
  • The diameter of the rivet is usually an aesthetic choice and you choose in accordance with your project.
  • The thickness of the layers to be attached to each other is the most decisive factor. You choose a rivet with a post length that is 2 to 4mm longer.
    • With a 7mm pin rivet you can bridge a layer thickness of 3 to 5mm. If you know that our leather straps are about 2mm thick, you will immediately see that even the 'short' posts can handle a lot.
    • Is your rivet too long? Then consider an extra piece of leather or reinforcement behind the rivet. The chance of a crooked rivet reduces drastically ;)
    • Is your rivet too short? Then the rivet will not hold.
    • Not sure? Then first test the short post and stretch the different layers well. If they do not loosen, you are good to go! If they do, then switch to a longer post.

How to attach?

  • You can install rivets with a hammer or hand press with the right inserts. You can also experiment with (kamp snaps) pliers.
  • Useful extra tools are: hole punch pliers (or 2mm hollow pipe) and, in case of fabric, wonder dots to strengthen the fabric before you make a hole (but scraps of medium reinforcement will also work!)
  • At k-bas we are big fans of the hammer method. In order not to damage the cap(s) and to make it easier to hammer, a setter and, in the case of double cap rivets, an extra bottom plate are strongly recommended.  (Tip: You choose the size of the setter and possibly the bottom plate based on the diameter of your rivet. However, a smaller rivet can usually also be attached with a (slightly) larger setter and possibly bottom plate.)
  • In the picture we show you how to proceed. As you can see: easy peasy!

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